DOXA is committed to cultivating curiosity and fostering a local and international community of documentary cinema lovers. We bring together audiences, filmmakers, and diverse cultural communities through the presentation of outstanding documentary work from around the globe. Through screenings, panel discussions, workshops and educational initiatives, DOXA facilitates a cinema culture that is curious, inventive and bold. Our long-standing cornerstone programs, Rated Y for Youth and Justice Forum, ground the festival in media literacy and critical discourse; Rated Y provides young audiences the opportunity to think deeply about both documentary cinema and the social issues it depicts; and Justice Forum showcases doc’s potential as a change-making medium and an important conversational tool.

Our aim is to keep barriers low and benefits high, by subsidizing ticket costs for youth and educational groups, assisting with filmmaker travel, and facilitating active engagement whenever possible. This is where you come in, dear audience member! As a donor to DOXA, you’ll be involved in keeping the spirit of critical discourse and accessibility strong. Your donations help us to maintain and cultivate programs like Rated Y for Youth and Justice Forum, which are key to DOXA’s impact.

We understand that these are precarious financial circumstances for many in our community; any donation made to DOXA during this time is especially meaningful. 

Making space for social change, fostering community, and championing the power of documentary cinema are at the core of what we do—and we couldn’t do this work without your support.



With the generous support of Roger Holdstock, the Holdstock Fund for Documentary Engagement helps DOXA bring filmmakers and special guests from across Canada and around the globe to the festival. The fund helps DOXA engage its audience, not only through the presentation of ground-breaking documentaries, but also through the provision of stimulating discussions and interactions following screenings. Though filmmaker travel is currently at a standstill due to the current COVID-19 crisis, a donation to this fund now will support in-person engagement with filmmakers in the future. We believe that engaging the world through documentary cinema and critical, in-person conversation will be of even greater import, post-pandemic.

"In a culture that views movies largely as a form of escapism, documentary has sometimes had a tough time, but we seem to be entering into a period where audiences are more receptive to films that document the world we live in. I have found that the level of engagement increases greatly when filmmakers and artists are present at screenings of their work. Audience members can learn about the challenges of the production, the motivations in making the films, and interact with the real people behind the film. I initiated the Holdstock Fund for Documentary Engagement to ensure that the experience of seeing a film with its creator(s), occurs more often. The intent of the fund is to facilitate the presence of more filmmakers and artists at DOXA screenings. I urge you to contribute and help us all to be more engaged."  - ROGER HOLDSTOCK

Donations of $20.00 or more receive a tax receipt.




DOXA offers an exciting benefit program for donations above $20.00. To opt in to our Donor Benefit program, please complete this PDF form and email to sarah(a), or send by mail to:

DOXA Documentary Film Festival
110-750 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2R5

If you opt in to our Donor Benefit program, your tax receipt will be issued for your donation amount less the value of the benefits.

PLEASE NOTE that due to the postponement of DOXA 2020, and the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, our Donor Benefits program has also been postponed and may look a bit different this year. Feel free to reach out with any questions.



DOXA is honoured and grateful for every donation received throughout the year, whether it be a few dollars or thousands. We thank each and every donor for supporting our efforts in presenting the best in documentary. Through individual donations, DOXA will continue to build a film culture that informs, inspires, and educates. See our list of our donors here

DOXA Documentary Film Festival is presented by The Documentary Media Society, a registered charity. 
Charity Number: 854305331RR0001