Rated Y for Youth

Rated Y for Youth is back for its 15th edition! Curated with the intention of facilitating media literacy through thought-provoking documentaries, this programme offers films for high school students and youth, providing them with an opportunity to foster an appreciation for cinema while engaging in open dialogues on a broad range of social issues. Each Rated Y for Youth film will include a complementary Study Guide to support and enrich classroom conversations, as well as a live discussion with filmmakers and community members.

To book your Rated Y for Youth screening, please email info[@]doxafestival.ca



Frequently Asked Questions


When are the films playing for Rated Y for Youth?

DOXA Festival occurs between May 2-12, 2024, and the tentative Rated Y for Youth screenings are between May 6-10. Dates will be confirmed by early April and we are happy to notify you if you have expressed interest before the program is announced.

All Rated Y for Youth films are matinee screenings.


Are there any costs to buy Rated Y for Youth tickets?

We offer discounted tickets for Rated Y for Youth students. Teachers and/or chaperones receive a free ticket to the Rated Y for Youth screening. Schools and organizations must contact us to confirm the number of attendees and purchase tickets in bulk.

Where are the films playing / How do I get to the venue for DOXA Festival?

Venues for Rated Y for Youth screenings are subject to change each year, but have usually taken place at:

Each Rated Y for Youth film may play at a different location. Please refer to our latest program book and website to confirm the venue.



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