Contact DOXA

Contact DOXA

Online Festival Support

If you have specific questions or require support regarding DOXA Online, please email support[at], or call 604.646.3200 ext. 106.

Live Chat is available at the bottom of the Eventive's FAQ Guide

We appreciate your patience as we navigate the many changes to our festival format.


1 (604) 646-3200


DOXA's office is located at The Post at 750.
#110 - 750 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 2R5 Canada



Atenas Contreras

Business and Finance Manager | atenas[at]

Atenas is the Business and Finance Manager for DOXA. She oversees DOXA’s budget and makes sure all the pieces fit in the right place. 

Selina Crammond

Director of Programming | selina[at]

In addition to watching too many films to count, Selina oversees all programming and public engagement initiatives. 

Sarah Bakke

Development and Communications Manager | sarah[at]

Sarah manages all development opportunities including sponsorships, advertising, and donor relations. 

Gina Garenkooper

Operations and Volunteer Manager | gina[at]

Gina oversees general festival operations including venue management, box office and volunteers. 

Seasonal Support:

Dharra Budicha, Programming and Outreach Coordinator

Eirinn McHattie, Technical Coordinator 

Sharon Bradley, Vancouver Podcast Festival Coordinator

Milena Salazar, Programming + Industry Consultant

Clement Llobet, Technical Consultant

Ken Tsui, Special Events Consultant 

Kenji Maeda, Festival Consultant

Dorothy Woodend, Festival Programming Consultant

Media Relations: Marnie Wilson / The Artsbiz Public Relations | mwilson[at]

Graphic Design: Steve Chow /

Web Development: Left Right Minds

Board and Committees

Board of Directors
Jill Anholt, Chris Dafoe, Andrea Gin (chair), Martin Gerson (treasurer), Roger Holdstock (vice-chair), Lizzy Karp, Jamala MacRae, Michelle Mason, Debra Pentecost (secretary), Natasha Tony, Ken Tsui.

Programming Committee
Joseph Clark, Selina Crammond, Marco Fratarcangeli, Christina Larabie, Carson Pfahl, Anant Prabhakar, Kris Rothstein, Milena Salazar, Dharra Budicha, Gina Garenkooper

Screening Committee
Jurgen Beerwald, Michelle Bjornson, Josie Boyce, Dharra Budicha, Patrick Carroll, Kathy Evans, Victoria Furuya, Gina Garenkooper, Andrew Gaybull, liisa Hannus, David House, Melissa James, Jessica Johnson, Christopher Jung, Rami Katz, Brie Koniczek, Viktor Koren, Melanie Lemaire, Anna Lumberjack, Michelle Martin, Sara Wylie, Keith Yoshida, Jeff Yu

Fundraising Committee                                                          
Jill Anholt, Sara Bakke, Charlotte Cavalié, Andrea Gin

Advisory Committee
Nova Ami, Kris Anderson, Colin Browne, Szu Burgess, Peg Campbell, Mel D’Souza, Ann Marie Fleming, Cari Green, Duncan Low, Alex Mackenzie, Wendy Oberlander, Carmen Rodriguez, Lauren Weisler, Aerlyn Weissman

Vancouver Podcast Festival Organizing Committee
Jill Anholt, Lisa Chen-Wing (Creative Director), Andrea Gin, Carlos Hernandez Fisher (Web Editor), Lizzy Karp, Hannah McGregor, Roshini Nair, Andrea Warner, and Joseph Clark