Thank You to Our Donors

Thank You to Our Donors


DOXA Festival is incredibly thankful for the support of all of our donors. This year, we are thrilled to see many new contributors alongside our loyal benefactors. We are humbled by the dedication of our long-time supporters, many of whom have contributed to DOXA for numerous years.

Producer ($1,000+)

Andrea Gin & Joe Clark
Hollywood Arts Foundation
Tony Fogarassy
Ildi Varga
Atenas Contreras
Vivienne Taylor
Moshe Mastai

Advocate ($500-$999)

Roger Holdstock
Jill Anholt
Kathy Evans
Sonia Fraser

Motivator ($150-$499)

Tara Flynn
Martin Gerson
Layne Hellrung
John LeBlanc
Kenji Maeda
Debra Pentecost
Joseph Planta
Chris Dafoe
Marian Collins
Romney Grant
Lynda Griffiths
Sheona McDonald
Carol Newell
Wendy Oberlander
David Pay
Mo Simpson
Colin Browne
Janice Chutter
Zoë Druick
Neil Jones-Rodway
Stacy LeBlanc
Teri Snelgrove
Barbara Kaminsky
S. Ti Muntarbhorn

Supporter ($20-$149)

Carson Pfahl
Veronica Singer
Patrick Carroll
Linda Bassingthwaighte
Michelle Bjornson
Simon Cowell
Annie Huston
Bonnie Klein
DD Kugler
Colleen Little
Melody Mason
Nigel Peck
Ann-Marie Spicer
Peter Toppings
Shannon Walsh
Marilyn Wardrop
Simone Artaud
Peter Cameron
Blair Cresswell
Cynthia Flood
Carol Jerde
Ana Policzer
Leslie Thompson
Teresa Alfeld

Diane Ash
James Ash
Dominique Basi
Maria Dobrinskaya
Wei-Ning Ho
Shelley Kenney
Sachiko Matsuta
Patricia McEachern
Bruce Pentecost
Ann Ramsay
Reija Roberts
Kevin Smith & Collin Koo
Jung-Sun Song
Chrystal Sparrow
Matt Woodford
Tas Lacroix
Melanie Covey
Zoe Venay Felton
Antoine Chuzeville
Sue Biely
Randy Iwata
Ashleigh Withall
Kent Lins
Barry Truter
Patricia Bolton
Nancy Jackson
Francois Marier
Gloria Altman
Victoria Tang


...and all of our anonymous donors

"The richness, quality and diversity of the documentaries DOXA brings in from around the world are truly second to none. I have been donating to DOXA for a number of years now – for me, it is one of Vancouver’s cultural highlights, hands down. I am proud to be a small part of the growth and development of this fantastic festival."  - Janice Chutter, DOXA donor of 13 years