Thank You to Our Donors

Thank You to Our Donors


DOXA Festival is incredibly thankful for the support of all of our donors. This year, we are thrilled to see many new contributors alongside our loyal benefactors. We are humbled by the dedication of our long-time supporters, many of whom have contributed to DOXA for many years.

Producer ($1,000+)

Kevin Eastwood
Andrea Gin and Joseph Clark
Roger Holdstock
Kenji Maeda
Laura Moore
Little Mountain Holdings Company

Advocate ($500-$999)

Jill Anholt
Janice Chutter
Tony Fogarassy
Sonia Fraser

Motivator ($150-$499)

Kathleen Barilla
Colin Browne
Christopher Dafoe
Zoë Druick
Kathy Evans
Martin Gerson
Lynda Griffiths
Neil Jones-Rodway
John LeBlanc
Stacy Leblanc
S. Ti Muntarbhorn
Carol Newell
Wendy Oberlander
Barry Shell
Mo Simpson - In memory of Haida Paul
Teri Snelgrove

Supporter ($20-$149)

Laraine Adanic
Maureen Albanese
Michael Alexander
Mary Allay
Mary Anglesio
Simone Artaud
Laurel Axam
Dominique Basi
Robin Baugh
Richard Biederman
Michelle Bjornson
Pat Bolton
Ellen Bond
Betty Bronson
Glenn Bullard
Peter Cameron
Patrick Carroll
Joseph Chan
Anna Chmielewski
Sylvia Chow
Marian Collins
Adam Cook
Paul Coulter
Wes Crammond
Blair Cresswell
Shelagh Day
Alfred De Pew
Roxanne Duncan
Erin Ellis
Mark Fettes
Jane & Robert Flick
Tara Flynn and David Sikula
Cynthia Flood
Mary Gavan
Eva Gersbach
David Gibson
Julia Gordon
Romney Grant
Jim Hamm
Jessica Hannon
Layne Hellrung
Wei-Ning Ho
Annie Huston
Katie Hyslop
Randy Iwata
Carol Jerde
Faune Johnson
Bonnie Klein - In Honour of Elinor Warkentin Mark Lalonde

F.T. Lam
Gareth Lewin
Stephen Lock
Linda Loo
Melody Mason
Roberta McCann
Kathy McGrenera
Craig Merritt
Cheryl Milner
Sarah Moore
Ron Neilson
Beverly Olds
Cinthya Onstad
Bruce Pentecost
Carson Pfahl
Ana Policzer
David Prowse
Michele Rechtman Smolkin
Bernard Roitberg
Anita Romaniuk
Sarah Rowland
Milena Salazar
Veronica Singer
Ian Spence
Ann-Marie Spicer
Beverly J. Straight
Leslie Thompson
Tania Tomaszewska
Peter Toppings
Mary Ungerleider
Laurie Watt
Analee Weinberger
Harold Welch
Brad Westerop
Carmen Wiseman
Karen Wold
Janelle Wong-Moon

...and all of our anonymous donors

"The richness, quality and diversity of the documentaries DOXA brings in from around the world are truly second to none. I have been donating to DOXA for a number of years now – for me, it is one of Vancouver’s cultural highlights, hands down. I am proud to be a small part of the growth and development of this fantastic festival."  - Janice Chutter, DOXA donor of 12 years