DOXA Industry


DOXA Industry brings together a diverse community of filmmakers and industry professionals to discuss the art and craft of non-fiction storytelling. Through a series of workshops, roundtable discussions, masterclasses and networking events, we invite filmmakers at all levels of experience to engage in vital conversations while building the skills and connections needed to propel their projects forward. 

Unable to make it to the live stream? All Industry events will be available on demand. 

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Tuesday, May 4th 5pm PST 

DOC BC | YT | NWT at DOXA: A Festival Kick-Off Happy Hour

Co-presented by DOC BC | YT | NWT


Join us for a special festival kick-off and evening of filmmaker celebrations! 

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Thursday, May 13th 10am PST

Directing Documentaries: Stanley Nelson in Conversation with Loira Limbal

Loira Stanley
Moderated by Barbara Chirinos
Co-presented by DOC BC | YT | NWT


In this moderated conversation, two filmmakers and collaborators reflect on the craft of directing documentaries from differing but complementary perspectives. 

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Thursday, May 13th 2pm PST

Podcasting the Drug War: Mia Donovan in Conversation with Garth Mullins 

Garth Mullins and Mia Donovan
Moderated by Joseph Clark
Co-presented by SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs


Please join us in this discussion about podcasting, harm reduction and documentary journalism.

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Friday, May 14th 1pm PST

Documentary Studio Trusts: Brett Story in Conversation with Abby Sun

Brett Abby
In partnership with ReIssue


This conversation will offer a jumping off point to reimagine more sustainable models for documentary funding, production and distribution that incentivize the creation of bold, ambitious work.

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Friday, May 14th 4pm PST

The Sound of Documentary: Composing for Contemporary Film

Music paneli
Moderated by Ken Tsui


This conversation invites composers to discuss their collaborations with filmmakers and approaches to storytelling through sound

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Saturday, May 15th 11am PST

Focus on Editing: The Art of the Documentary Trailer

Editing panel
Moderated by Ricardo Acosta, CCE
In partnership with Canadian Cinema Editors


How do you capture the depth of a story in only a couple of minutes? This panel invites editors to consider this using real life examples from their work.

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Saturday, May 15th 2pm PST

Just the Beginning: Racial Equity in Documentary

Racial Equity panel
Moderated by Nilesh Patel
Co-presented by DOC BC | YT | NWT


Why do we need racial equity in documentary? This panel will examine the career of one of the most admired, award winning and influential leaders in Canadian documentary filmmaking over the past 25 years, Selwyn Jacob.

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Sunday, May 16th 2pm PST

MooNaHaTihKaaSiWew Unearthing Spirit: Indigenous Approaches to Documentary 

Jules Koostachin
Moderated by Selina Crammond, DOXA Director of Programming


Join us as we learn from Jules Koostachin’s recent PhD research and discuss methods and concepts of storytelling, protocol and identity in Indigenous documentary filmmaking.

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