Stream DOXA 2023 Online May 5-24

DOXA Online is live! Didn't catch the in-person festival? You can now watch a selection of DOXA 2023 films from the comfort of your home. DOXA Online is available to stream across Canada until May 24. If you live outside of Vancouver, or even outside of British Columbia, let us bring the DOXA festival experience to you! 

Among the titles offered include 2012/Through The Heart (2012/Dans le coeur), a mostly-found footage film from amateur and professional sources directed by Rodrigue Jean and Arnaud Valade which documents the 2012 student riots in Québec, and was a Special Jury Mention for the Colin Low Award for Best Canadian Director(s). We're also excited to stream Farah Clémentine Dramani-Issifou's guest curated shorts program, I AM A (WO)MAN: Transatlantic Perspectives on Political Struggles in the 1960s-1970s in Ginea-Bissau, Morocco, the USA and France

There are dozens more features and short documentaries to discover for yourselves, so follow the link below and start watching! Once you begin to stream a film online, you'll have 48 hours to finish it. Over the coming days, we'll publish more information about each of the films screening online to our social media accounts.

Click here for DOXA Online