Thank You, from the DOXA Team

Another DOXA gone by, and in exceptional form—2022 marked our return to in-person theatres, in true hybrid form! Phew. As we take time to reflect, plan for the future, and make time for some much needed rest, we want to express our deepest gratitude to all of you, for your support. We hope you enjoyed many, many documentaries. In tried and true fashion, films from all over the world brought comfort, told thrilling stories, and taught us anew.

We thought deeply about Indigenous sovereignty and responsibility to the land, by listening to the stories of those pushing back against ongoing colonial oppression; films such as The TerritoryBeyond Extinction: Sinixt ResurgenceDƏNE YI'INJETL - The Scattering of Man and Wochiigii lo: End of the Peace foregrounded resistance and resilience in the face of systemic erasure. We drew closer to the fiery depths of the earth, and to the core of great love, with the festival's Opening presentation of Sara Dosa's Fire of Love. We caught glimpses of life lived courageously and with purpose, through the ups and downs of queer adolescence (Hello World, Kenneth Elvebakk), the slow-and-steady dismantling of corrupted masculinity (I'm Still Alive, André Bomfim), and through the joyful dance routines of Filipina care workers abroad (We Don't Dance for Nothing, Stefanos Tai). We also learned what it means to interrogate memory, and investigate the archive (all the films in the Memory and Archives Spotlight program).

In addition to the films themselves, we were proud to host a slate of in-person Industry events, including a masterclass with the incomparable Ali Kazimi, a dialogue between the folks at the forefront of the Knowledge Network Equity Audit, and several panels with filmmakers, editors, scholars and community members.

Thank you to the staff, committee members, partners, donors, jurors and volunteers who made this year's hybrid iteration possible. All good things come with teamwork! We're also so grateful to all participating filmmakers for taking a chance on this hybrid festival model, whether they could attend in-person or not—we know it's been a lot to navigate! And finally, a HUGE heartfelt thank you to our audience for continuing to support independent documentary cinema this year. We couldn't be more proud to be a part of this growing community of documentary lovers!

With care,
The DOXA Team