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  • Madame Phung's Last Journey
  • Come Worry With Us!
  • The Human Animal: Shorts Program
  • The Sower
  • A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power and Jayson Blair at The New York Times
  • Huhu
  • Little Proletarian
  • Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus
  • Shameless Propaganda
  • Bloody Beans
  • Pete Seeger: A Song and a Stone
  • Revenge of the Mekons
  • Emergency Room: Life and Death at VGH
  • Portrait of a Lone Farmer
  • Nostalgia for the Light
  • Massacred for Gold
  • Vulva 3.0
  • Virunga
  • To Be Takei
  • Big Charity
  • Breath
  • Casablanca Calling
  • Garden Lovers
  • 69: Love Sex Senior
  • Cesar’s Last Fast
  • Pipeline
  • Dusty Stacks of Mom: The Poster Project
  • Death Metal Angola
  • Microtopia
  • My Red Shoes
  • Journey to the Safest Place on Earth
  • Private Violence
  • Inner Life: Shorts Program
  • Freedom Summer
  • Song from the Forest
  • Derby Crazy Love
  • Las Vegas Meditation
  • Unplugged
  • Point and Shoot
  • The Circle
  • Cinéma Vérité: Defining the Moment
  • Fly Colt Fly: Legend of the Barefoot Bandit
  • China Concerto
  • The Last Moose of Aoluguya
  • Weird Old Winnipeg: Shorts Program
  • Powerless
  • The Reunion
  • The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden
  • Plot for Peace
  • Leap Year: Shorts Program
  • 1971
  • Mirage Men
  • Freak Out!
  • Honour Your Word
  • Return to Homs
  • Rohmer In Paris
  • This Ain’t No Mouse Music
  • InRealLife
  • No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka
  • Abu Haraz
  • DamNation
  • Web Junkie
  • Charlie Victor Romeo
  • Crazywater
  • The Case Against 8
  • A Brony Tale
  • Chimeras
  • How Strange to be Named Federico: Scola Narrates Fellini

DOXA Festival

DOXA Highlights

Join us at Xoxolat (pronounced sho-sho-la) in Yaletown for a very special event, on Saturday, April 25, 2015 to celebrate DOXA with chocolate. Purchase your DOXA tickets in-person at our Community Box Office, and when you purchase some delicious chocolate from Xoxolat, 20% will be donated back to DOXA. Join us in the evening for an exclusive pre-festival event.

Guest curator Thierry Garrel programmed this selection of archival and new French documentaries, and also contributed a lively essay to our program guide this year. The gift of French cinema to the world may have launched with the four R’s (Renoir, Rivette, Rohmer, and Rouch) but has expanded to include a new generation of extraordinary filmmakers.

From politics to pranksters, and one a really angry milkman, this year’s Spotlight shines a light on those folk who like to upend the established order of things. Even documentary is not immune, with films that confound established notions of the genre itself.

DOXA is very proud to offer the sixth annual Justice Forum. Since its introduction, the Justice Forum has grown and developed into one of the Festival’s cornerstone programs. The intent of the Justice Forum is to facilitate active and critical engagement, create space for dialogue, and sow the seeds for social change. The 2015 Justice Forum films encompass a broad range of social justice issues, from drone warfare to the dark net.

As a tribute to the legendary documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles, DOXA is proud to present his final film, Iris. Iris Apfel, like Maysles himself, is a true American original. She came to fame first as an interior designer and founder of Old World Weavers, a company devoted to reproducing fabric designs from the 17th through to the 19th century. But it was a 2005 MoMa exhibit that celebrated her personal style which vaulted her to international fame. At age 94, she has the sass, verve, and energy of people half a century younger. As she bickers with Albert Maysles, the film follows along in her regal wake, through flea markets, thrift stores, and glittering New York parties. Iris is a potent reminder that sometimes the most deeply revolutionary thing you can do is simply be yourself. 

Vancouver, BC – We are living in interesting times. Nowhere is this rendered more explicit than in the world of nonfiction cinema. DOXA is proud to feature films that turn established ideas about documentary on its head. Whether it’s the infamous musical provocateurs The Residents or master pranksters The Yes Men, DOXA 2015 is packed to the brim with radicals, iconoclasts, weirdos, mavericks and James Franco.    

This is a big year for DOXA. We have a new home (The Post at 750), an expanded schedule (11 days) and an action-packed festival, stuffed with some of the most extraordinary films from around the world. It's a veritable rogues gallery of poets, subversives and genuine radicals. DOXA turns documentary on its head for a whole new perspective.  

We'll be announcing the 14th Annual DOXA Documentary Film Festival program on Thursday, April 9, 2015. Our website will feature the entire festival line-up and tickets will be available for purchase. Mark your calendars!