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DOXA Festival

DOXA Highlights

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 14, 7:30pm at CBC Vancouver

Curio is a three-ring circus of oddities and strangeness, a dark carnival of film, fair ground food, and side show fare. The word itself, a diminutive of curiosity, implies a collection of peculiar objects and experiences. A fitting definition for an evening devoted to plumbing the depths of human inquisitiveness. Combining elements of grand guignol freak show, and penny dreadfuls with accordion-fueled melancholia, the evening will feature roaming performers prowling the room and fabulous silent auction items.


Vancouver, BC – DOXA Documentary Film Festival is pleased to announce Best of DOXA, featuring an encore screening of Orlando von Einsiedel's Virunga (Winner of the 2014 DOXA Feature Documentary Award), and Johanna Hamilton's revelatory new film 1971.

Did you miss seeing a film at the festival because it was sold out? Or maybe you simply couldn't make it to the screening.

We want to hear your suggestions on films to bring back for an additional screening as part of our BEST OF DOXA series.