Program Highlights

Dance, that most protean form of human communication, is given three wildly innovative outlets in this trio of short films. Dancers commune with their animal spirits, opera gets spooky, and dance meets finance in the streets of London town.

Yuri Ancarani’s beautiful and bizarre film takes us inside the rarefied world of Middle Eastern falconry. Here the sport attracts passionate devotees from the Qatari hyper-rich who compete at auction for the best birds, drive deep into the desert to train their charges, and then assemble in Mad Max-style stadiums for spectacular tournaments.

For many young Canadians in the 2000s, Fort McMurray was El Dorado. Dubbed “Fort McMoney” by detractors and admirers alike, the city and its vast oil sands projects offered lucrative employment to thousands of fortune seekers who came from across Canada and around the world. Julia Ivanova’s documentary follows seven such dreamers, arriving from places as far flung as Sudan and Lebanon, as they pursue their dreams amidst a time of great uncertainty in the oil market.


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