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  • 2014 Festival Program


DOXA is proud to offer several special programs as part of the festival, from initiatives to ensure that our audience has a chance to interact with local and international directors to programs such as Rated Y for Youth and Justice Forum. DOXA is dedicated to keeping the festival as accessible as possible and continuing to offer these important programs, but we need your help to make sure we can fund them in the future.

Donate now and help us catalyze stimulating discussions between filmmakers and you, our audience.  Donate now and introduce high school students to media literacy through the world of documentary.  Donate now and help us make bold programming choices, expose issues on the cutting edge of social justice, and reinforce the sense that documentary films can create space for dialogue and ultimately sow the seeds for change.

Use this link if you're comfortable making your donation online via credit card. You can set up a monthly or a one-time donation. You will receive a tax receipt directly from on behalf of DOXA.

Use this link to download the PDF form if you'd prefer to write a cheque to make your donation.  Your tax receipt will be sent by DOXA in February of the next calendar year.

Does your company match the amounts that their employees donate to charitable organizations? If so, you can effectively double the amount of your donation to DOXA! Check with your human resources department at work. Click to see a list of companies that offer matching programs.


Tom Adair
Vania Alexieva
Dale Aucoin
Nancy Austin
Jason Bailey
Dominique Basi
Mary Ellen Belfiore
Laura Benna
David Bremner
Colin Browne
Colin Bryant
Sherry Burns
Amanda Burrows
Chris Burwash
Peter Cameron
Sheena Campbell & Kris Anderson
Patrick Carroll
Jessica Chen
Janice Chutter
Joseph Clark
Joelene Clarke
Catherine Clement
Blair Cresswell
Paula Davies
Tammy Donovan
Greg Douglas
Peggy Douglas
Elise Drake
Kathy Evans
Lucinda Flavelle
Cynthia Flood
Dave Frank
Sonia Fraser
Forrester Development Corp.
Claude Gadoua
Michael Gazetas
Saul Geller
Laurie Goldsmith
Donna Gordon
Lynda Griffiths
Frithjof Grohne
Kathryn Hayashi
Maryke Hendrikse
Hilary Henegar
Roger Holdstock
Suzanne Humphreys
Liesl Jauk
David Jones
Neil Jones-Rodway
Lindsay Jorgensen
Harry Killas
Susan Kirkpatrick
Stacey Leblanc
David Lee
Jennifer Leong
Jacqueline Levitin
Stephen Lock
Kenji Maeda
Doreen Manuel
Make Believe Media
Patricia Marcoccia
Moshe Mastai
Eileen Mate
Yuki Matsuno
Kelly Maxwell
Karie McKinley & Lauren Weisler
Dolina Mclay
S. Ti Muntarbhorn
Wendy Oberlander
Marlie Oden
Nilesh Patel
David Pay
Debra Pentecost
Jack O’Dell & Jane Power
David Phinney
Racquelle Pilon
Ana Policzer
Nancy Pollak
Steve Robertson
Alexandra Rojek
Lisa Rowson
Blake Siefken
Moira Simpson
Teri Snelgrove
Paul Stewart
Daniel Stoffman
Sandra Sundhu
Carole Tarlington
Vivienne Taylor
Leslie Thompson
They Live Video
Jason Vanderhill
Michelle Welygan
Shira Weidenbaum
Silvaine Zimmermann
…and our anonymous donors

DOXA Documentary Film Festival is presented by The Documentary Media Society, a registered charity. 
Charity Number: 854305331RR0001

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