Online Ticketing FAQs

Online Ticketing FAQs

I can't remember my password:

  • Click on either "Forgot your password" or "Returning customer, but no password yet?"; both options will allow you to reset or create a new password to access your account.


  • After entering your email and submitting it, you should see a screen similar to the following:


  • Check your email account, and follow the steps outlined there. You must follow the URL link provided within the email in order to reset your password.



  • The URL should then take you to a page that looks like this:


From here, enter your new password that you would like to use. The "Reminder Question" will only be used to determine your identity in the future, so a new answer can be entered now. This question is NOT asking for a prior answer.

And that's it! You have now reset your account password in order to purchase your DOXA tickets.

My credit card is not being processed:

Be sure to check off all boxes that relate to the credit card verification. This includes the "Terms and Conditions" box found during the check-out process.

I forgot to purchase a DOXA 2017 membership with my ticket; how can I purchase one?

DOXA memberships can only be purchased at the time of sale with a corresponding ticket. However, there will be volunteers at each venue selling memberships at every screening where you can purchase them separately. Memberships are $2 each.

Can I purchase tickets without creating an account?

Yes, you can. As you go through the ticketing process you will come up to the Login page. Click on "Skip Login and Proceed to Checkout" and continue with your order. (see screenshot below)