Special Programs

Special Programs

For ten years, the Justice Forum has been one of DOXA’s cornerstone programs; showcasing films that facilitate active and critical engagement, create space for dialogue, and sow the seeds for social change.

Now in its 12th year, Rated Y for Youth was founded upon the idea of facilitating media literacy through thought-provoking documentaries. DOXA selects programming for high school students and youth to foster an appreciation for cinema while giving young audiences an opportunity to engage in open dialogue on a broad range of social issues.

Whether it’s service dogs trained to assist their owners in practical matters, or brothers coming together to care for their 93-year-old grandmother, this collection of films presents intimate examples of companionship and trust.

Landscapes contain a multitude of narrative possibilities. Whether it’s a dense forest in southern Slovenia, the oldest skate park in Santiago, Chile, or an informal neighbourhood in Manila being engulfed by an expanding port, these formally rigorous films invite us to uncover the histories, politics, and personalities that emerge from a careful observation of place.

The 1990s were a time of significant cultural production within Canada’s South Asian arts communities. Influenced by the 1980s Black Arts Movement in Britain, and in opposition to state-sponsored multiculturalism paradigms in Canada, South Asian became a generous identifier for a variety of communities united by more than geography. Longing and Belonging is loosely structured around themes of diaspora, desire, and identity.

After four editions of French French, Italia Italia is a new leg of the Grand Tour exploring auteur-driven documentaries from Europe. We have chosen to confront several contemporary Italian and French films along with some of their directors, providing an opportunity to showcase the new generation of documentarians blooming in Italy who are rediscovering the power of cinematic language to explore humanist values. 

Ticket holders are welcome to join us for a special French/Italia reception on May 2, 7:30pm at The Cinematheque in between the screenings of Young Solitude and I Had a Dream