Shorts Filmmakers Roundtable

Shorts Filmmakers Roundtable


Join us for a virtual roundtable with BC filmmakers with films at DOXA 2020! For this moderated conversation, we are inviting the participating filmmakers to come prepared to ask questions of each other, both about their films at DOXA as well as the art of crafting stories in the short form in general. 

Participating filmmakers: Alejandro Yoshizawa (Ikebana), Allison Hrabluik (Stampede), Baljit Sangra (Have You Forgotten Me?), Jessica Hallencheck (Nuxalk Radio, Have You Forgotten Me?), Carmen Pollard (Madame Dishrags, Red Robinson), Han Pham (To: You, To Night), Martin Moberg (HIV: Healing Inner Voices), Joel Salaysay (Home Cooking), Jospehine Anderson (On Falling), Marina Dodis (The Return), Nisha Platzer (Vaivén), Jennifer Ille (As the Smoke Rises), Sophia Biedka (A Four Pointed Star).

Moderated by DOXA's Director of Programming Selina Crammond and DOXA's Programming + Industry Manager Milena Salazar.




Watch the short film programs at DOXA (June 18-26, 2020)

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