Justice Forum Panelists Announced!

Justice Forum Panelists Announced!

Justice Forum Panelists Announced!

Did you know that this year is the 10-year-anniversary of the Justice Forum Series? Learn more about all of the panelists we have lined up to speak after the Justice Forum films below. For full panelist bios, click on their respective film screening below. Find all of the films in the Justice Forum Series here.

SAT MAY 4 | 12pm | VANCITY

  • Jen St Denis
  • Eliot Galán
  • Andy Yan
  • Ross Gentleman

A Place Called Chiapas
SAT MAY 4 | 4:15pm | VANCITY

  • Nettie Wild
  • Betsy Carson
  • Martha Rans
  • Hugo Villa Smythe

Because We Are Girls (Sold Out)
TUE MAY 7 | 6:30pm | VANCITY

  • Gwendoline Allison
  • Jeeti Pooni 
  • Baljit Sangra
  • Meera Baines

nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up

  • Tasha Hubbard

Everything Must Fall
THU MAY 9 | 6pm | SFU-GCA

  • Yi Chien Jade Ho
  • Deena Dinat
  • Kanya Adam

Mom Calling
SAT MAY 11 | 1:45pm | VANCITY

  • Juan Rendon

One Child Nation
SAT MAY 11 | 4pm | VANCITY

  • Yue Qian
  • Dongchen Hou