DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2019: Local Filmmakers, Global Issues

DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2019: Local Filmmakers, Global Issues

DOXA is thrilled to feature a number of exceptional local films from some of Canada’s most exciting and innovative documentarians who call Vancouver home.

In Because We Are Girls, filmmaker Baljit Sangra crafts an intimate portrait of three sisters who were abused by a relative. DOXA is proud to open the festival with a film that celebrates the strength of sisterhood in the face of profound pain and trauma.

Shot across five different countries, director Shannon Walsh’s expansive Illusions of Control  introduces us to five courageous women, each reflecting on crisis and resilience in the face of ecological instability. In Candice, director Sheona McDonald explores the life and career of Candice Vadala (aka Candida Royalle), known to many as the “godmother of feminist porn.”

Following eight months in the life of the Zapatista National Liberation Army revolution in the southern state of Chiapas, Mexico, A Place Called Chiapas directed by Nettie Wild will screen on the 25th anniversary of the rebellion.

Isabelle Groc and Mike McKinlay’s Toad People (world premiere) sheds light on how habitat loss, climate change, and human interference are impacting Western toads, and the inspiring community-led movement to save this endangered species. In How to Bee, filmmaker Naomi Mark returns home to the Yukon to learn the craft of beekeeping from her father after he is diagnosed critical health problems.

Standing on the Line, directed by Paul Émile D’Entremont, provides a thoughtful and empathetic portrait of gay athletes in Canada and the battles they’ve waged. Drawing on the popular radio hit by the flash-in-the-pan group Baha Men, Brent Hodge’s humourous Who Let The Dogs Out? challenges accepted notions of authorship and creative ownership.

In addition to feature documentaries, DOXA offers a selection of great short films including Jules Koostachin’s OshKiKiShiKaw: A New Day that documents her twins taking part in a sacred Cree coming-of-age ceremony.