Programmers' Picks Vol. 3

Programmers' Picks Vol. 3


Carson Pfahl is a local film editor who has been on the DOXA programming committee for four years.

Limit is the Sky


With our provincial election right around the corner, pipeline politics have been a topic of heated discussion between politicians and ordinary folks alike. While we debate whether or not we want more pipelines built to our coast, we tend to glance over the lives of the people working on the other end of that potential pipeline. Julia Ivanova's newest film, Limit is the Sky, acts as a correction to this as it follows a multinational group of seven young people working in and around Fort McMurray, AB. Their stories offer a relatable portrait into the lives of millennials with the same dreams as those living in the Lower Mainland.

Waking the Sleeping Giant

THU MAY 11 | 6:30PM | SFU

FRI MAY 12 | 12:30PM | ANNEX

If you're hungry for some grassroots political inspiration, Waking the Sleeping Giant is just the film for you. Following the everyday people who made rise of Bernie Sanders one of the many surprise stories of last year's American election, the film acts an affirmative message to progressives everywhere. One of the most interesting choices made in the film is to show people like you and me standing in crowds at rallies, instead of the speakers, reminding viewers that in the end, power always remains with us.



Selina Crammond has been on the DOXA programming committee for four years. She's also DOXA's Program + Communications Coordinator. When not watching docs, she plays drums and enjoys sketching sea creatures.

Transference: Shorts Program


A collection of short films by Canadian artists that explore a range from themes; from gentrification in Montreal to the life and work of architect Carlo Mollino. Employing a variety of film and video techniques, each film has its own distinct temporal motility; pushing the formal and narrative boundaries of filmmaking. 

Chris Marker, Never Explain, Never Complain


Chris Marker, known as "the most famous of unknown filmmakers", is cited as the original film essayist. Interviews with Wim Wenders, Patricio Guzman, and our very own French French curator, Thierry Garrel outline Marker's creative genius and commitment to revolutionary politics. Whether you're a devoted Marker fan, or approaching his work for the first time, Barbe and Lambert's expansive film will leave you better equipped to navigate contemporary documentary cinema.