DOXA 2014 Awards

DOXA 2014 Awards

Vancouver, BC – The 2014 DOXA Documentary Film Festival concluded with the Canadian premiere of Brent Hodge’s film A Brony Tale. The Vancouver Playhouse was filled with 8ft. tall ponies, laughter and bronies galore! The gala event also saw the announcement of the 2014 DOXA Award winners.

The Short Documentary Award was given to Jana Mináriková’s film Homo Ciris. Jury members Laura U. Marks, Samir Gandesha and Catrina Longmuir stated: “In a respectful and whimsical way the filmmaker follows her subject deep into his passion and then spins it out into a fabulous fiction. Watching this film we all felt invigorated, like we were discovering new powers. One of us found herself sobbing with joy!” The jury also awarded an honourable mention to Adela Kaczmarek’s The Governance of Love.

The Colin Low Award for Canadian Documentary (presented by William F White) was awarded to Meryam Joobeur’s Gods, Weeds and Revolutions. Jury members Baljit Sangra, Kevin Eastwood, and Doreen Manuel stated: “Meryam is a new filmmaker, but with this film she demonstrates that she already possesses many of the qualities that mark a great documentarian: an eye for exquisite imagery, the ability to transport a viewer to a specific time and place, willingness to tackle important subject matter, and the bravery to share a deeply personal story with others.” In addition to this, the Jury wanted to recognize Dennis Allen's film Crazywater with an honourable mention. With his latest film, Dennis tells an incredibly brave and disarmingly personal story of alcohol and substance abuse among First Nations communities. It is hard to think of how a storyteller can be more courageous than to do what Dennis has done here.

The Nigel Moore Award for Youth Programming was awarded by Youth Jury members Anna Hetherington, Jacob Saltzberg, and Steven Hawkins, to Travis Rummel, Ben Knight, and Matt Stoecker’s film DamNation. In response, the filmmakers wrote: “It means a lot to us that DamNation appealed to a younger audience. We sincerely hope that Nigel would have loved our film—from what we’ve read about him, he might have appreciated the last words in DamNation by Edward Abbey: "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.” The jury also awarded honourable mention to Daniel Roher’s film Resolute.

The Feature Documentary Award was given to Orlando von Einsiedel’s stunning work Virunga. Jury members Peter W. Klein, Kim Linekin and Yves J. Ma awarded the film the award on the basis of its cinematic power and the critical importance of its message. The jury also awarded an honourable mention to Talal Derki’s film Return to Homs.