Virtually Absurd: Shorts Program

Virtually Absurd: Shorts Program

Various Directors | 
Various |
 2013-2018 | 
67 minutes

Mixing aesthetics with found footage, this collection of short films offers a refreshing, yet poignant critique of global capitalism and technology. -SC

Baby iPad • Tom Whalen, Canada, 2013, 2 mins
Babies are satirically portrayed as consumers. Lol.

Deep Down Tidal • Tabita Rezaire, South Africa, 2017, 21 mins
A documentary-narrative hybrid that cleverly employs DIY green screen and motion graphics to trace the parallels between Internet connectivity and colonial trade routes.

.TV • G. Anthony Svatek, US, 2017, 22 mins
An anonymous caller from the future guides us through a network of found footage of Tuvalu, a remote island nation at risk of disappearing due to rising sea levels. Having sold its domain extension .TV to streaming platforms around the world, a virtual record of Tuvalu may yet endure.

Pure Difference • Byron Peters, Canada, 2018, 22 mins
An essay-collage that mimics educational and training videos using YouTube footage and computerized narration, Pure Difference questions the intrinsic values embedded in the language of mathematics, science, and data.