Toad People

Toad People

Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 7:00pm
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Isabelle Groc and Mike McKinlay
76 minutes

Classification: Rated PG (violence to animals)

Every summer, thousands of fingernail-sized Western toads cover a rural road in the community of Ryder Lake in Chilliwack, British Columbia. When the toadlets migrate from their breeding ground in the wetlands into the forest, many never make it to the other side of the road. Western toads, like other amphibians in BC, are struggling because of habitat loss, climate change, and human interference. For local residents like Steve Clegg, who grew up catching tadpoles in nearby ponds, the rapid population decline is a cause for concern. Directors Isabelle Groc and Mike McKinlay introduce us to the stories of people like Clegg who make up the community-led movement to save this endangered species. Through stunning cinematography that takes us from the wetlands to the forest, and to various communities across BC, Toad People serves as a powerful call to action and a hopeful reminder that people of all ages can come together to make a difference. -MS

Toad People is presented with the Museum of Vancouver in conjunction with the exhibit Wild Things: The Power of Nature in Our Lives.

Following the screening will be a Q+A with these special guests:

Joe Foy is the co-Executive Director of the Wilderness Committee. Joe first joined the organization in 1988, and has since led many successful campaigns to win protection for wild areas and wildlife habitats in Western Canada. Currently Joe is working on several critical endangered species campaigns including convincing the BC government to protect spotted owl habitat in southwest BC, enact their long overdue endangered species legislation, and designate the Upper Skagit watershed as a permanent protected area. 

Isabelle Groc is a writer, conservation photographer and documentary filmmaker. She focuses her efforts on creating stories that increase our understanding and awareness of conservation issues and inspire change. Her work has appeared in international media including National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Canadian Wildlife, New Scientist, and Scientific American. Isabelle’s documentaries have received international recognition including a 2018 Wildscreen Impact Panda Award for the film Toad People. Isabelle grew up in France and now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mike McKinlay, Director of Photography of both commercial and documentary film making, has worked extensively in vérité, drama, historical, environmental awareness and wildlife production genres. During his 15 years in the industry Mike has carved out a respectable niche as an award winning cameraman in the Canadian documentary scene - taking part in some of the top documentary stories spanning the West coast. His most recent clients include National Geographic, Netflix, National Film Board of Canada, Knowledge Network, and APTN.