The Song and Sunshine: Shorts Program

The Song and Sunshine: Shorts Program

Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 2:30pm
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Various Directors | 
Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, China |
 2018 | 
83 minutes

The Light • Gonpo Tashi, 8 mins
In this mesmerizing cinematic study, young filmmaker Gonpo Tashi captures moments of campus life at the Jigme Gyaltsen Tibetan College, where he is currently studying.

The Search • Losang Nyima, 6 mins
Inspired by a Tibetan proverb, Losang Nyima devotes a short film to the observation of ants.

The Fire-cleanse-throne • Tserang Thar, 13 mins
A visual poem that highlights how the traditional fire-cleanse throne is made and used in the local Tibetan New Year rituals.

Sunshine on the Pilgrimage • Lhape Lokar, 28 mins
A group of young men embark on a spiritual pilgrimage full of jokes, games, laughter, and moments of daydreaming.

The Song of Home • Bey Choesam, 28 mins
A loving contemplation of the filmmaker’s family life in the summer pasture, high in the mountains.

Guest Curator / Essayist

Yi Cui

Yi Cui was born and raised in northwest China and currently lives between her homeland and Canada. Before starting to make films, she worked in conservation ecology. She received her MFA in film from York University in Toronto. Her body of work consists of experimental, documentary, narrative and essay films. The constant search for poetry and musicality is a recurring theme in her films. Her selected filmography includes: Ying (2011, short), Shadow Puppet (2013), Of Shadows (2016), Late Summer (2017), Through the Looking Glass (2017).