Six Portraits XL - No. 4 Philippe and No. 5 Bernard

Six Portraits XL - No. 4 Philippe and No. 5 Bernard

Sunday, May 6, 2018 - 12:00pm
Alain Cavalier | 
France |
 2017 | 
104 minutes


No. 4 Philippe

"In the morning, Philippe Labro, with his team around a table, prepares his four interviews for that afternoon. An actor, a writer, a theatre actor, and a boxer. Each is filmed in the studio in a single 28-minute take with tracking shots and mirror effects. No room for mistakes. This is high level sport.” -ALAIN CAVALIER

Cavalier films a real professional at work during the day. Labro, a famous journalist, novelist, and filmmaker sketches out the stages of each interview (preparation, encounter, filming, and debriefing) without neglecting any detail. Ten years later, Cavalier films his friend again in his office, with the same energy. -TG


No. 5 Bernard  

“Bernard Crombey is an actor. On stage, he plays the role he wrote himself, of a man unjustly accused of having abused a little girl, whereas he wanted to protect her from the violence of her parents. I’ve been filming him for eleven years, from a community centre to a Parisian theatre, passing via the Avignon Festival every year. At every performance, they add chairs. It’s surprising. It’s disturbing. Bernard expects that it will be the same in ten years time.” -ALAIN CAVALIER

Backstage or in the dressing room, before the show when stage fright rises up, and after the show when family life restarts, Cavalier films his friend on the path to success with more than 500 performances of Motobécane. His wife, his daughter and his black cat grow older with him. “I wish I could be in his shoes,” whispers the filmmaker. -TG


Alain Cavalier

Alain Cavalier is a writer and director, born on September 14, 1931 in Vendôme, Loir-et-Cher, France. He studied film at the Institut des hautes études cinématographiques. He is best known for Thérèse (1986, César Award for Best Film, Best Director, and Best Screenplay), Un étrange voyage (1981), Libera me (1993), and his most recent film, Pater (2014, César Awards nominee for Best Film, Best Director).