Shifting Worlds: Shorts Program

Shifting Worlds: Shorts Program

Friday, May 11, 2018 - 7:00pm
Sunday, May 13, 2018 - 12:00pm
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Various Directors | 
Canada/US/Spain/Germany |
 2017-2018 | 
88 minutes

This selection of short films explores the multilayered effects of displacement through a variety of refugee, immigrant, and Indigenous-centred stories. -MS

Flat Rocks • Courtney Montour, Canada, 2017, 10 mins
With poetic narration in the Mohawk language, Flat Rocks documents Louis Diabo’s fight against the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Kyirong • Alex de Boer, Canada, 2018, 11 mins
A conversation between father and daughter reveals their healing bond.

Crisanto Street • Paloma Martinez, US, 2018, 10 mins
A young boy captures a moment of change for his immigrant family in California.

At Home with the Horses • D. Alansari & E. Sanderson, Canada, 2017, 16 mins
Fourteen-year-old Reem struggles to adapt to a new reality after fleeing Syria.

The Fourth Kingdom • Adán Aliaga & Àlex Lora, Spain/US, 2017, 14 mins
Against the backdrop of the American Dream and a kingdom of plastic, a bottle return depot serves as a refuge for a community on the fringes of society.

Oh Brother Octopus • Florian Kunert, Germany, 2017, 27 mins
An idyllic rural landscape, shaped by traditional beliefs and practices, is juxtaposed with its dystopian equivalent in rapidly expanding Jakarta.