Masterclass: Documentary and the Presence of Memory with Ruth Zylberman

Masterclass: Documentary and the Presence of Memory with Ruth Zylberman

Sunday, May 6, 2018 - 3:45pm

From in depth testimonies of Eastern-Europe dissidents to the memory of a great French publisher in his glorious 90's, or that of the whole population of a Parisian building, how do you grab past and memory in a cinematic way?

"It is not that the past throws its light on the present or the present on the past, but the image is that in which what has been is united in a lightning flash with the Now in a constellation". This famous quote by Walter Benjamin drives my work: filming the track, be it physical or psychic, not in the loneliness of an exiled past but in a continuous tension/confrontation with the present - the present of the encounter and of the shooting. How to set up that encounter? How to support the memory journey and capture its revival? Those are the questions I asked myself when viewing the films of Claude Lanzmann, Andrei Tarkovski or Marcel Ophuls. - Ruth Zylberman



Ruth Zylberman

Ruth Zylberman graduated from the Institute of Political Studies of Paris and the New York University. She is a documentary filmmaker whose films have mainly been shown on the French-German cultural channel ARTE. Among her latest films include: Dissidents, the artisans of freedom (2009), Maurice Nadeau, Le chemin de la vie (2011), and The Man who felt no Pain (2007). She is also a writer. Her first novel, La Direction de L’Absent (Christian Bourgois, 2016) was translated into Spanish, German and English.

Photo: Mathieu Bourgois