Lorello and Brunello

Lorello and Brunello

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - 6:00pm
Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 12:00pm
Cultural Partner(s)
Jacopo Quadri | 
Italy |
 2017 | 
86 minutes

Lorello and Brunello are twin bachelor-brother farmers in Grosseto, Italy. In director Jacopo Quadri’s patiently observed study of their life and work, the gentle rhythms and cycles of nature cast an irrevocable spell. The Biondi Brothers are a taciturn pair, what we learn about them comes from an aged relative named Ultimina, who talks to the camera while collecting her mail. She adores her nephews, but not so much their hapless cousin Giuliano and his truant pigs. She wants Brunello married, but he seems content with occasional visits from flamboyant girlfriend Mirella. Essentially, the brothers are married to the land, and through the film’s arresting cinematography—burnished tawny fields, threshing haze, swirling smoke—we come to understand its hold over them. 

The life of those who work the land is structured into four seasonal parts with its attendant tasks: sheep shearing in summer, raking and wood-burning in autumn, fence-building in winter, pruning and planting in spring. And of course, the daily constant of sheep-milking. But despite such cyclical repetitiveness, there are also surprises like wolf attacks, equipment failure, and financial losses. The film’s score with its pop-up snatches of varied musical styles and instrumentation, elevates the quotidian existence of the brothers from tedium into a mysterious and magical state. -MB


Jacopo Quadri

Jacopo Quadri is an acclaimed Italian editor who has edited over 80 films. He is known for editing all of Gianfranco Rosi’s and Mario Martone’s films, in addition to working with: Bernardo Bertolucci, Paolo Virzì, Marco Bechis, and more. He directed the short documentaries Saharawi, and voci distanti dal mare (1997) with Antonietta De Lillo and Patrizio Esposito; La terra trema (1998), and Un posto al mondo (2000) with Mario Martone; and Marisa (2000). In 2014 he directed and produced the feature documentary La scuola d’estate, on the work of the acclaimed theatre director Luca Ronconi. In 2015, together with Davide Barletti he realized a film about Eugenio Barba and his theatre company, Il paese dove gli alberi volano. His third feature film Lorello and Brunello premiered in the official competition of the 35° Torino Film Festival where it received a special mention of the jury, and the Cipputi Award.