Dreaming Murakami

Dreaming Murakami

Friday, May 4, 2018 - 6:45pm
Sunday, May 13, 2018 - 6:15pm
Community Partner(s)
Nitesh Anjaan | 
Denmark |
 2017 | 
58 minutes

The Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami is read by millions of fans around the world who know his prose only through the art of translators. In Denmark, that translator is Mette Holm, a serene and hypnotic figure who sees the rules governing reality as fluid—perhaps both a cause and effect of her affinity and involvement with Murakami. The challenge of translating from one language to another is more than simple accuracy, it’s a call to immerse oneself in another worldview and to convey that experience to a reader. Director Nitesh Anjaan uses Holm’s mediation between worlds to investigate personal creativity, the nuanced and exacting art of translation, and the power of ideas and words. The result is essential viewing for fans of the novelist and a captivating portrait for anyone who believes in the necessity of art. -KR


Nitesh Anjaan

Nitesh Anjaan lives in Copenhagen. His debut as a film director, Far from Home, premiered at CPH:DOX '14 and won best Best Debut Documentary at Mumbai International Film Festival and in 2016 his first novel, Kind of Blue, was published in Denmark. He is currently studying at The National Film School of Denmark.

Screening With
David de Rozas | 
US |
 2018 | 
16 minutes