The Disquieting Whisper: Shorts Program

The Disquieting Whisper: Shorts Program

Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 12:00pm
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Various Directors | 
Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, China |
 2013-2017 | 
82 minutes

My Himalayan Vulture • Tashi Sange, 22 mins
Traditionally, when livestock passed away, Tibetan herdsmen left the carcasses as food for vultures and other carnivores. Now that it’s become more common to sell them at the market, a local monk named Tashi Sange wonders if this will lead to the decline of the Himalayan vulture.

The Disquiet of the Worshipers • Paltse, 16 mins
As local Tibetans have become wealthier, there has a been an increase in the ritual of sacrificing goods to water. Monk Paltse reflects on changing traditions asking the question, “Is the worship turning into damage?”

The Tourists • Dhukar Kyab, 16 mins
A group of Tibetans guide tourists through the beautiful and expansive land of Nyanpo Yuzee. A young herdsman named Dhukar Kyab captures the interaction between the locals and outsiders with his video camera.

The Suori Family and the Snow Leopard • Druk Kyab, 28 mins
Snow leopards are descending from the mountains to feed on livestock. Filmmaker Druk Kyab explores this phenomenon through the experience of one family.

Guest Curator / Essayist

Yi Cui

Yi Cui was born and raised in northwest China and currently lives between her homeland and Canada. Before starting to make films, she worked in conservation ecology. She received her MFA in film from York University in Toronto. Her body of work consists of experimental, documentary, narrative and essay films. The constant search for poetry and musicality is a recurring theme in her films. Her selected filmography includes: Ying (2011, short), Shadow Puppet (2013), Of Shadows (2016), Late Summer (2017), Through the Looking Glass (2017).