Call Me Intern

Call Me Intern

Nathalie Berger and Leo David Hyde
New Zealand
70 minutes

Classification: Rated PG (coarse languange)

Would you work full-time for months on end for free? Would you take a demanding job without even getting minimum wage? These are the questions filmmaker Leo David Hyde asked himself when he graduated from university and could only secure unpaid internships. To raise awareness of the pervasiveness of the issue, he accepted an internship with the United Nations in Geneva, where, unable to afford housing, he settled in a tent by the lakeshore.

Beginning with Hyde’s experience, the film explores a job market where paid entry-level positions have become increasingly rare, putting young professionals in the precarious position of accepting unpaid work in exchange for the holy grail of “experience.” The stories of interns working across Europe and the United States also sheds light on how the system disproportionately affects young people from less privileged economic backgrounds, sustaining a legacy of intergenerational inequality.

Call Me Intern not only calls attention to the injustice of unpaid labour, but also to a new generation of activists organizing, demonstrating, and even suing some of their former employers. A small drop of hope in an ocean of unrestrained capitalism. -ML

This screening is part of Rated Y for Youth and will include a post-film discussion.