Spotlight: Dance, Dance otherwise we are lost

As German dancer Pina Bausch once advised: "Dance, dance otherwise we are lost." In an effort to make sense of their world, these films meld the disciplines of dance and filmmaking, strengthening relationships between ancestors, culture and community in the process.


Films in this program:

Andreas Antonopoulos, Trinidad and Tobago, 2022, 60 mins

Sugar—“cheenee” in Hindi—was the resource behind the forced relocation of thousands of Indians to Trinidad and Tobago. Cheenee is the story of how Indian immigrants struggled, and later flourished, as a community within the Caribbean. Through archival material mixed with contemporary versions of classical dances, the combined cultural influences of the island are seen.

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Kite Zo A (Leave the Bones)
Kaveh Nabatian, Canada/Haiti, 2022, 70 mins

In a creative and immersive experience, Kite Zo A (Leave the Bones) weaves together ancestral veneration, choreographed dance and interviews to tell a story of fighting back against colonial oppression. Formally and thematically, the film builds up to Kanaval, a cathartic celebration of joy and endurance.

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A Way To B
Jos de Putter and Clara van Gool, Netherlands, 2022, 96 mins

Barcelona’s Liant la Troca dance collective is made up of artists with diverse physical disabilities who create expressive stories with their bodies, challenging ableist assumptions and expectations. In a tender set of portraits, A Way To B showcases a joyous and resilient look at humanity.

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La Singla
Paloma Zapata, Spain/Germany, 2023, 95 mins

Antonia Singla, born deaf to a Romani family in the suburbs of Barcelona, rose to international acclaim by the age of 17 with her powerful flamenco. Then, at the height of her fame, she disappeared. Director Paloma Zapata delves into La Singla’s revolutionary dance legacy, intertwining Antonia’s history with the passionate rage of her performances.

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