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Raves & Reviews

The beautifully made and informative films I watched at DOXA are with me weeks later, a really good sign of high value nourishment. Dorothy Woodend and Kenji Maeda and the excellent team worked with love to draw the DOXA parts together and conjure a full awareness of what we need to know. Thanks to Guest Curator Livia Bloom and all who made my screening of Talking Landscape and visit a rich experience. It was if I had visited a new place for the weekend and secretly toured the world.

Andrea Callard, Director of Talking Landscape: Early Media Works 1974-1984

We loved having the opportunity to premiere our feature documentary "Rose Colored Glasses" at DOXA this year.Dorothy and the staff put their hearts into making sure everything ran smoothly and we couldn't be more thankful for that. Besides the amazing filmmakers and staff we met at the parties, I was especially impressed by the venue, turnout and publicity the festival gave us. The lineup of films was very strong and engaging and the screenings well attended. DOXA supports local filmmakers and strives to discover new films rather just going after the mainstream ones. Our film supports peace, love and laughter and I couldn't think of a more suitable and fitting festival than DOXA to share that message at.

Sonia Suvagau, Director of Rose Colored Glasses

It was wonderful to bring our film, Anne Braden: Southern Patriot to Vancouver.  A huge thank you for your wisdom, courage, and dedication to the field of documentary!  I cannot tell you how much it meant to be on the same panel with the legendary civil rights leader and public intellectual Jack O'Dell.  It was truly in the spirit of doxa, the open and free exchange of ideas, ideas that might be controversial but are always important -- ideas of liberation, transformation, and community.  The DOXA Social Justice Forum is truly remarkable.  All love to everyone.

Anne Lewis, Director of Anne Braden: Southern Patriot

In a city I already love, DOXA really delivered the goods. Excellent films packed with dedicated moviegoers, warm and hospitable staff, engaging filmmakers...where else would I rather be for a week in May? I could say more but you'd run out of space!

Mike Freedman, Director of Critical Mass

I was so pleased to be able to screen my film at DOXA, a festival that exudes the same understated excellence as the beautiful city of Vancouver in which it's held.  From the thoughtfully curated festival program to the outstanding picture and sound quality of the theaters to the friendly staff and volunteers, it was a fantastic experience!

Allison de  Fren, Director of The Mechanical Bride

DOXA is a mind-feast.  For nine glorious days, it’s a world without borders:  the films, the people, the entire city. I’m honored to have been part of it... Kudos to a truly great team:  organizers, programmers AND volunteers.  

Karen Thorsen, Director of Joe Papp in Five Acts

What an honor to be included in DOXA 2013! It was a thrill to stand in front of a packed house of avid documentary fans for the q+a after watching a beautiful projection of my film. Thank you to Dorothy Woodend, Kathy Evans and the exceptional team at DOXA for a wonderful festival experience.

Terra Jean Long, Director of dinosaurs

I had such a wonderful time at the festival, and a big part of that was due to the crew.  From minute one there seemed to be no awkwardness or barriers, and I just felt welcome and part of something.  I had so many conversations during my time there to remind me over and over why we do this--why we share films, why we watch films, why we discuss films, why we are filmmakers.  It is something that we live with daily, but to have such a concentration of talent and enthusiasm and varied perspectives really brought it to focus.

I think that for many people festivals have become part of a process.  You make a film, you submit it, you hope it gets in, you screen it, rinse and repeat.  But in that, we lose site of what festivals are really about--connecting people.  It starts with the curatorial staff and their vision of what they want to present and share. For you guys it comes with risks and creative decisions that weigh the potential impact on filmmakers, audiences and the future of your organization. This is not lost on us as filmmakers, and based on the astuteness of the DOXA audience it is not lost on them either.  They trust your judgment, they are willing to go where you lead them.  Once they arrive the real magic begins.  To have an engaged audience tuned into your work is something that most artists spend their lives fighting for.  

Festivals like DOXA, which pride themselves on selecting bold and daring work, and presenting it with confidence, champion a cause that is sometimes lost in the industry of filmmaking.  It is a worthy cause that goes beyond just entertainment.  It connects people emotionally, intellectually and because of the screenings--physically.  In this modern digital age where we watch movies on our mobile devices in between train stops, interrupted by text messages and Facebook statuses, its a relief to have anchors such as DOXA tuning out the periphery.  Thank you for what you do, we are all better because of it.

Wendy Roderweiss, Director of Stopping for Death: The Nurses of Wells House Hospice

I wanted to tell you a big thank you -  for inviting the film and me to your festival, it was so great! and nice and it did mean a lot to me. I enjoyed it very much.
DOXA is such a great and nice festival - and I enjoyed not only the screening and talking about my film very much, but loved getting to know some of other filmmakers and watching wonderful films - and having the joy of meeting you and the DOXA team. Thanks Dorothy!
Yes, I am looking forward meeting you again, as well.
and well, now I am back to Berlin with lots of Energy and good feelings - and will run back to work... creating some new stories. Yeahhh... even it will take a while I assume, as always... :)

Bettina Renner, director of Bury My Heart in Dresden

I had so much fun at the festival...Thank you so much for having the film play at DOXA.

Shawney Cohen, Director of The Manor

Yes! Everything was fabulous, and we had a fantastic time. We can't thank you enough for including us in the festival. We were especially impressed with the way the post-film discussion was organized, and with the fact that time for a really substantive discussion was allotted. I think it really rounded out the event in a great way.

Allison Lirish Dean, Producer of My Brooklyn

Ditto to everything Allison said.The screening and everything around it were truly fabulous. One of our best screenings yet I'd say. Thank you so much for including us -- I will be talking up DOXA to anyone who will listen!

Kelly Anderson, Director of My Brooklyn

Here I am back in London, missing Vancouver already. I wanted to thank you and your team, once again, for being such an incredible source of inspiration and giving me confidence about our film. It really means a lot to me, considering how personal the film is to me and how much of an experiment it was for us as a team to make it. Your genuine appreciation for the film, and your generosity to Mar and I as your guests was really heartwarming and I can't think of a better place to premiere the film. DOXA is truly an exceptional festival that really supports films and filmmakers, and it stands in stark contrast to a lot of the other festival that often leave me feeling cold and wondering what I'm doing there.

With all my love for you, your team, and Vancouver, and good luck for the rest of the festival. I hope we get to meet again soon.

Saeed Taji Farouky, Director of There Will Be Some Who Will Not Fear Even That Void

Thanks so, so  much again for making us feel so welcome, we had an absolutely brilliant time. And I can't tell you how reassuring, and inspiring, it is to have a festival out there that actually loves films and filmmakers! It was an honour to be a part of it.

Mar Garvey, Producer of There Will Be Some Who Will Not Fear Even That Void