Special Programs

Special Programs

DOXA highlights the following Special Programs in the 2017 DOXA Documentary Film Festival.

Justice Forum

The intent of the Justice Forum is to facilitate active and critical engagement, create space for dialogue, and sow the seeds for social change. Each Justice Forum film is paired with a panel of speakers including filmmakers, experts in the field, academics, and community activists. The 2017 Justice Forum films encompass a broad range of social justice issues including workers’ rights, environmental activism, new journalism, and the ongoing battle for human dignity and freedom. Each of these films contends actively with complex, sometimes seemingly intractable problems, but more importantly they offer up radical ideas for change and progress, and ultimately, hope for the future.

Rated Y for Youth

Now in its ninth year, Rated Y for Youth was founded upon the idea of facilitating media literacy. DOXA selects programming specifically for high school students and youth, giving young people an opportunity to attend the festival, view thought-provoking documentaries, and actively participate in post-film discussions with filmmakers and community members. This year’s selection includes films about Indigenous and environmental activism, anti-bullying and body positivity, migrant and economic justice issues, and truth and reconciliation.


In the words of Chris Marker, the original documentary rebel: “Rarely has reality needed so much to be imagined.”

Our Spotlight on Troublemakers celebrates deep dissent and defiance with a selection of films about people righting wrongs and reimagining the future. Activists and artists, muckrakers and outlaws, single mothers and rock stars come together to shake the very foundations of the old order. This selection of films slashes new paths forward, imagining not only what may be possible (Cyborgs! Housing rights! Democracy!) but also looks back at the people who carved out the most radical and conceptually challenging ideas from the previous century. Creative revolutionaries, heed the call! If ever there was a moment, when things needed to change, that time is now.

French French

DOXA is very proud to offer this, our third, and very special edition of French French with six new extraordinary films, and a program of the work of the most seminal filmmaker Chris Marker.  To quote our indefatigable curator Thierry Garrel, who worked with Marker during the production of many of these films: “Chris Marker was both a world traveller and a time traveller. Throughout his peripatetic life, he remained largely a secret cinéaste, although his name and his films (La Jetée/The Jetty, or Sans soleil, ranked third in Sight & Sound’s poll of the greatest documentaries ever made) have influenced generations of filmmakers.” In advance of the major retrospective and multimedia event planned for the Cinémathèque française in 2018, DOXA is especially proud to offer this selection of some of Marker’s rarely seen work for Vancouver audiences. The timing is curious, and like so many of Marker’s films, particularly, almost painfully, relevant to our current moment in time.

From Swagger, Olivier Babinet’s bright, bold explosion of youthful energy, and some angst, to the more reflective and insular moments captured in Eliane de Latour’s Little Go Girls, this collection of contemporary French films speaks to the power, vibrancy, and vivre (in all its many possible connotations) of documentary cinema.

Trumped! Now What?

To quote the inestimable Mr. David Beers, our guest curator for this collection of ferocious fire-breathing films, “Just how much toxic bile does reside in the body politic? How responsive is it to total bullshit? How much damage can be done in it its name, once unleashed? After Trump, does just a less bozo fascist win? Or can the good in human nature — rebellious, but constructive, smart and cooperative — be tapped to defeat Trumpism? No one doubts anymore populist anger is real — can it deliver real reform?” The question looms in the air at the moment, and resting on it may very well be the future of humanity. So, the time is now, people, get it together, or get voted off the planet.


A selection of experimental programming made up of some of the most eclectic filmmaking/ performance/ multimedia on offer, Transmissions includes work that is at the crossroads of cinema, video, and sound art. In addition to live performance, artist talks, projections and screenings from independent Canadian filmmakers and media artists, Transmissions explores the points of convergence between contemporary art practice and nonfiction cinema.