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DOXA Industry Day

DOXA Documentary Film Festival is proud to present a day of panels and events to address the interests and needs of the documentary community. As documentary and nonfiction cinema enters into the mainstream, filmmakers are increasingly required to not only make their films, but to understand promotion, proliferating platforms, and new means of accessing audience. It is a brave new world for filmmakers, but if you would like some guidance, DOXA is here to help, with a series of panels that will address issues and areas of particular concern to those working in nonfiction cinema.

DOC BC Members, email [email protected] for your access code.

**Online ticket sales end at 9:00pm, Friday May 6. Tickets may be purchased at the door. Subject to availability.**


Saturday, May 7 | 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM @ SFU's Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

REGISTER TO ATTEND ($15 General / $8 DOC BC Members)

As distribution models continue to evolve at an exponential rate, the traditional gatekeepers (i.e., broadcasters, distributors, and festivals) are forced to contend with additional challenges, including VOD releases. What does this mean to individual filmmakers who are looking for an audience? Does the proliferation of platforms (Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes) supplant or support traditional theatrical release? Attendees will have the opportunity to put questions to Industry pioneers. Robin Smith (Kinosmith), Jeffrey Winter (The Film Collaborative), and Michelle Van Beusekom (National Film Board) will provide expert perspective on the changing playing field.


James Roberts (National Film Board of Canada)

Robin Smith (Kinosmith and Blue Ice Docs)

Jeffrey Fabian Winter (The Film Collaborative)

Michelle Van Beusekom (National Film Board of Canada)


Tracey Friesen



Saturday, May 7 | 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM @ SFU's Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

REGISTER TO ATTEND ($15 General / $8 DOC BC Members)

As part of our special curated programs, this panel will address the complex and occasionally intractable nature of politics and nonfiction cinema. Activists and artists do not always share the same agenda, but often they find themselves working in close proximity. Navigating the demands of social issue films and the need for creative filmmaking can be a challenge. How to create a balanced relationship between art and issues will be the focus of this extended discussion.


John Zaritsky (No Limits)

Zeina Zahreddine (Arab Spring / Arab Fall)

Susi Porter-Bopp (We Call Them Intruders)

Tamara Herman (We Call Them Intruders)

Antoine Boutet (South to North)



Kevin Eastwood



Saturday, May 7 | 1:15 PM @ SFU's Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

Story Money Impact: Funding Media for Social Change by Tracey Friesen is a practical guide for media-makers, funders and activists who share the mutual goal of creating a social impact with their work. Structured around stories from the front lines, Story Money Impact reveals best practices in the areas of documentary, digital content, and independent journalism.
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Tracey Friesen is a media strategist committed to supporting storytellers and social innovators in the creation of impactful content. Formerly an executive producer at the National Film Board of Canada, Tracey is now director of programming for Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver, a hyper-local commercial station with a community focus.



Saturday, May 7 | 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM @ SFU's Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

REGISTER TO ATTEND ($15 General / $8 DOC BC Members)

Building on DOXA’s highly successful panel on editing for documentary from the 2015 Festival, this year we offer an extended and in-depth panel focusing on creating a skill set for filmmakers and editors alike. The panel will include attending international guests, including filmmakers, editors, and experts.


Claire Simon (Le Bois les dont rêves sont faits)

James Scott (Love Bite: Laurie Lipton and her disturbing black & white drawings)

Aynsley Baldwin (Wizard Mode)

Brendan Woollard (Aim For The Roses)



Julia Ivanova


SPECIAL PRESENTATION: National Film Board of Canada's Making Movie History project

Free Admission
Saturday, May 7 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM @ SFU's Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

In celebration of the NFB’s 77th anniversary, join us for a special presentation by Michelle Van Beusekom, Executive Director of English Programming at the National Film Board. Making Movie History is a project featuring exclusive interviews with the creators and innovators who shaped Canadian cinema throughout the 20th century. Watch 61 portraits of iconic figures in Canadian cinema, from Grant Munro to Norman McLaren, to the pioneers of Studio D — the world’s first studio creating films for, by, and about women.

An iPad installation of the Making Movie History project will be available during DOXA at the Vancity Theatre from May 7-15.
For more information about the project:

FILM SCREENING | Les Patients (The Patients)
Saturday, May 7 | 6:45 PM - 8:00 PM @ SFU's Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
Read more about the film and purchase tickets here.

FILM SCREENING | Le Bois dont les rêves sont faits (The Woods Dreams Are Made Of)
Saturday, May 7 | 8:30 PM - 11:00 PM @ SFU's Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
Read more about the film and purchase tickets here.

Join us for two of Claire Simon’s films. Les Patients (The Patients) and Le Bois dont les rêves sont faits (The Woods Dreams Are Made Of). Claire Simon, the subject of a retrospective at the Festival this year, will be present to speak to her body of work and participate in Q&As.


DOC BC Members, email [email protected] for your access code.

INDUSTRY PANELS (each): $15 General / $8 DOC BC Members

INDUSTRY DAY PASS: $60 General / $35 DOC BC Members
The Industry Day Pass provides access to all Industry programming on Saturday, May 7 at SFU’s Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, including the panels and film screenings. For more information on how to use your Industry Pass, CLICK HERE.

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