Vancouver: No Fixed Address

Vancouver: No Fixed Address

Charles Wilkinson  | 
Canada |
 2017 | 
75 minutes

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Sandy Garossino (investigator reporter), Sam Cooper, (investigator reporter), Samantha Gambling (community activist), Fayyaz Alimohamed (economist) and Judy Graves (homeless advocate). Moderated by Jackie Wong. 


There is no topic that unites all of Vancouver quite like that of housing. At every dinner party, social gathering, or chance meeting in the street, everyone has an opinion, and they want to share it. Charles Wilkinson’s new film Vancouver: No Fixed Address tackles the subject from a multiplicity of perspectives. A chorus of voices chime in — everyone from David Suzuki, to Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, Seth Klein, Condo King Bob Rennie, Senator Yuen Pau Woo, and lots of regular Vancouver citizens.

Delineated into chaptered sections like The Boom, The Back Story, and The New Normal, the film lopes around the city, looking at everything from the influx of offshore money to the exodus of young people, who can no longer afford to live here. We are not alone. The issues that threaten Vancouver — global capitalism, the influence of liquid capital, and the corporate agenda — that have infiltrated other major centres like London, New York, and Hong Kong have also taken up residence here. Or, as Sandy Garossino from the National Observer puts it bluntly, the city “is now a commodity to be sold.”

In the middle of the sea of for sale signs, some folk are trying alternative means of making a home, including shared houses, tiny homes, and even living out of a van. But ultimately, long-term sustainable solutions require political change. “Housing is a right,” as the slogan goes, but as prices continue to rise, and homelessness becomes an even greater problem, what does the future of Vancouver really look like? Against all of this roiling debate and discussion floats the city herself, shining and, yes, beautiful. Of that there is no argument.

On the eve of the provincial election, it seemed an appropriate moment to open up the discussion for a town hall screening and extended panel discussion. -DW

Screening With
Fiona Tinwei Lam, H. Kristen Campbell, Henry Doyle, Analee Weinberger | 
Canada |
 2016 | 
4 minutes