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Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - 6:00pm
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Dawn Porter | 
 2015 | 
83 minutes


When State Senator Wendy Davis took to the floor of the Texas legislature and filibustered for 11 hours straight, the moment grabbed media attention around the globe. Davis’s impassioned stand on the right of women to safe and legal healthcare was part of a much larger struggle. In Texas, the doctors and nurses who provide family planning services, everything from pregnancy tests to STI information and access to abortion, face a daily fight, not only from anti-choice protestors who harass staff and abuse patients, but more critically, from their own government. Texas is not the only US state to systematically make it impossible for clinics to operate, but it’s certainly the most infamous. The socalled TRAP laws, which give the film its title, refer to “targeted regulations of abortion providers.” What that really means is that clinics are required under law to have admitting privileges at a local hospital and also require abortions to be performed at specialized surgical centres. The end result is that many clinics are unable to comply and are forced to shut down. Dawn Porter’s incendiary film is in the trenches with the men and women fighting for women’s reproductive rights. Trapped could not be more relevant, as the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt on March 2nd of this year. Not since Roe v. Wade has there been a more critical moment in the fight for freedom of choice. A decision that may well affect the rights of women to a safe and legal abortion is expected in June. -DW

In a film full of heartbreaking moments, the most devastating comes when a clinic worker is forced to turn away a 13-year-old rape victim, who made a four-hour trip to the facility, due to TRAP law complications. As a result, the girl’s been “sentenced to motherhood.” -THE GUARDIAN


Dawn Porter

Dawn Porter is an award-winning filmmaker whose 2013 documentary, Gideon’s Army, won the Sundance Film Festival Editing Award, the Tribeca All Access Creative Promise Award, and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and an Emmy. The film broadcast on HBO in July 2013 and has been used to engage local communities about indigent defense, the U.S. justice system and socioeconomic influences on crime.

Justice Forum Panelist

Angela Marie MacDougall

Angela Marie MacDougall has been working to end violence against girls and women for the past 25 years as an advocate, front-line worker, activist, trainer and administrator.  Angela’s impact includes curricula development and facilitation of core training programs covering direct service responses to women survivors for peer and professional front-line workers.  While in collaboration, she developed empowerment and advocacy-based service delivery models grounded in strong theoretical frameworks, decolonizing, intersectionality that connect feminism, substance use, mental health, violence and women’s leadership.  She is committed to continued adapting to the strengths of and applying new media and related communications for social change. Currently, she is Executive Director of Battered Women’s Support Services. Born and raised in Coast Salish Territory, she calls Vancouver home.

Justice Forum Panelist

Joyce Arthur

Joyce Arthur is the founder and Executive Director of Canada's national pro-choice group, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC,, which protects the legal right to abortion on request and works to improve access to quality abortion services. Before founding ARCC in 2005, she ran the Pro-Choice Action Network in British Columbia for 10 years and edited the national newsletter Pro-Choice Press, which she began in 1995. Joyce is also a writer who has written hundreds of articles on abortion, and other political and social justice issues. 

Justice Forum Panelist

Kristen Gilbert

Kristen Gilbert is the Director of Education for Options for Sexual Health, Canada’s largest non-profit provider of sexual health services.  As a sex ed teacher, Kristen delivers comprehensive sexual health education to students of all ages in a wide variety of school settings, including the public and independent schools systems, alternative programs, and for youth in custody.  She also leads Opt’s vibrant professional training programs, providing support for education and health professionals who wish to develop their capacity to connect confidently with clients about their sexual health. Options for Sexual Health is proudly pro-choice.