Stuff: Shorts Program

Stuff: Shorts Program

Various | 
Various |
 2016-2017 | 
53 minutes

Whether it’s basket making in Northern Quebec, or selling plastic toys in urban China, this collection of short films calls attention to our increasingly complex and contradictory relationship with our stuff.

Digital Immigrants
Dennis Stauffer and Norbert Kottmann | Germany/Switzerland | 2016 | 21 mins
Charming footage of senior citizens learning to navigate computers for the first time is juxtaposed with 80s vintage television clips, when personal computers were first popularized. Despite rapid changes in technology, finding one’s place in the digital age is no easy feat. -SC

Commodity City
Jessica Kingdon | US/China | 2017 | 11 mins
China’s Yiwu Market is one of the largest shopping complexes in the world. Visually arresting, this ethnographic essay film blurs the boundary between consumer goods and the humans who sell them. -SC

Cat Mills | Canada | 2017 | 14 mins
Repair cafes are popping up around the world as a community-based antidote to throwaway culture. In Fixed! we get a glimpse inside Canada’s first repair cafe in Toronto, where a team of dedicated volunteers are helping their neighbours, one fix at a time. -SC

My Father’s Tools
Heather Condo | Canada | 2017 | 7 mins
From chopping wood in the forest to hand-weaving bark in the studio, Steven Jerome, a Mi’gmaq man from Gesgapegiag, Quebec, honours his ancestors and future generations by demonstrating the delicate art of basket making. -SC