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La Laguna

Saturday, May 14, 2016 - 1:30pm

La Laguna

Aaron Schock | 
 2015 | 
40 minutes

Twelve-year-old Yu’uk and his younger brother Jose have grown up in the deep, lush rainforests of southern Mexico, nestled in the protective embrace of the Mayan people. The brothers’ days revolve around exploring the jungle, catching fish for their family, canoeing along the wide rivers and lagoons of their community, and eating handmade tortillas fresh off the comal. Their world — like that of so many Indigenous communities around the globe — is increasingly changing. In his small village classroom, Yu’uk cannot seem to connect with the contemporary Mexico that dominates the world outside the jungle — neither with its language nor its unfamiliar culture. And as the microcosm of his familial universe undergoes its own shifts and struggles, Yu’uk is forced to consider how his future may best serve his family, and that it may take him away from the village and his beloved little brother. -PP

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Zeynep Kececiler | 
Turkey |
 2015 | 
46 minutes

Deep in the forested mountains of eastern Turkey, not far from the Black Sea, lies the small village of Mermanat. Traditionally home to small agricultural communities, Mermanat’s population has dwindled in recent years as the land yields fewer crops and financial strain forces families further afield. Not everyone has left, though: Bahri, his older sister Damla, their mother, and their 80-year-old neighbour Mama Nokta brave the cold winter months to remain in Mermanat. In the misty, snow-covered valley they go about their daily lives with all the routine, mischief, joy, hard work, and reflection of any community, helping to care for each other and stave off loneliness. -PP


Aaron Schock

Emmy-nominated director Aaron Schock holds a MA in public policy from Columbia University and worked for many years in social research at Columbia and in non-profit community development in the South Bronx before making documentary films.   He also moonlights as an architect and is the designer/owner of Casa Higuera and Casa Sofia in Nayarit, Mexico.