Everything is Performative: Shorts Program

Everything is Performative: Shorts Program

Friday, May 5, 2017 - 9:00pm
Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 4:15pm
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Various | 
Various |
 2016-2017 | 
77 minutes

Dance, that most protean form of human communication, is given three wildly innovative outlets in this trio of short films. Dancers commune with their animal spirits, opera gets spooky, and dance meets finance in the streets of London town.

Ovis Aries
Harry Cepka | Canada | 2017 | 22 mins
In a bucolic Norwegian pasture, a performance is underway. The Corpus Dance Company has discovered their inner sheep, much to the delight of the assembled audience, largely comprised of thrilled children and their bemused parents. Whether they’re being milked, or shorn for their wool, these human-sheep hybrids endure with almost metaphysical resignation. But sex and violence are also a part of the show! -DW

Sarah Winchester, Phantom Opera
Bertrand Bonello | France | 2016 | 23 mins
When the heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune lost her only child and then her mind, she embarked upon a descent into grief and madness, embodied in the creation of the Winchester Mystery Mansion. Director Bonello incorporates Sarah’s story into the creative collaboration between a composer, a performer, and a bloodied child spirit. -DW

Voices of Finance
Clara van Gool | The Netherlands | 2016 | 32 mins
In London’s bleak financial district, traders, bankers, and hedge fund managers describe an atavistic society, blood red in tooth and claw. As they move through the city streets, bodies become a metaphor for the extremity of an industry that twists and bends human nature into torturous form. -DW