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Dance Dance Revolution! Shorts Program

Monday, May 9, 2016 - 7:00pm
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Dance Dance Revolution! Shorts Program


Whether it’s teargas in your eyes or genuine tears, sometimes you just gotta dance it out! This collection of short films from three different countries celebrates the cathartic power of the most fundamental of human art forms.

Dancing for You
Erlend E. Mo | Norway | 2015 | 25 mins
Halling is a traditional Norwegian folk dance that is usually performed by men as a means of demonstrating power and strength. Twelve-year-old Vilde wants to become the first female Halling champion in Norway. But more importantly, she wants to inspire her beloved grandfather to continue his battle with cancer. -DW

Time Dead Time Alive
Guston Sondin-Kung | Denmark | 2015 | 36 mins
Elfriede Mahler was one of the founders of Cuba’s modern dance school. She sought asylum in Cuba following the revolution in 1959, then went on to create her own company, Danza Libre. Guston Sondin-Kung’s exquisite film revives her presence through the memories of her students, as well as her unique choreographic language. -DW

One Million Steps
Eva Stotz | Germany | 2015 | 20 mins
A girl in a polka dot dress tap-dances her way through the streets of Istanbul. Along the way, she interacts with kids, a few older gents, and a variety of city dwellers. But things take a revolutionary turn when she finds herself in the middle of one of the biggest protests in Turkish history to save a public park from demolition. -DW