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The Crossing

Saturday, May 14, 2016 - 6:30pm

The Crossing

George Kurian | 
Norway |
 2015 | 
55 minutes


The Crossing tells the difficult story of individuals forced into displacement. The characters in focus are a group of Syrian refugees whose lives are thrown into turmoil as they attempt to flee across the sea from Egypt to Europe. There is no shying away from the harsh conditions of their escape — from being packed shoulder-to-shoulder on a cargo vehicle, to being stranded at sea with no certainty of safe passage. (The transportation of refugees has been exploited by for-profit organizations for whom the safety of their wards is not a priority.) An incredible amount of footage has been filmed on camera phones to give you a firsthand account of their struggle, including the deeply personal and tense moments of secrecy and stealth that punctuate their journey. These refugees, like any group of individuals, come from diverse backgrounds and occupations. Some of them are journalists, some are teachers and musicians, but they are all bonded through a common desire for peace, even if it means being uprooted from their culture and their families. -AP

Preceded By
Skye Fitzgerald | 
USA/Turkey |
 2015 | 
39 minutes

The reality that would cause people to flee their homes is given an unsparing look in 50 Feet From Syria. The film follows Dr. Hisham Bismar, a surgeon who returns to his homeland to bring his medical skills to people torn apart by a brutal conflict. -AP


George Kurian

George Kurian is a documentary filmmaker and photojournalist currently based in Istanbul. He has lived and worked in Afghanistan and Egypt and he has worked in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Turkey and South Asia. He has worked on a range of documentaries from current affairs and history to human interest and wild life.

Justice Forum Panelist

Hisham Bismar

Hisham Bismar is a Syrian-American orthopaedic surgeon trained in the United States. He was raised in Damascus, Syria and moved to the United States as a teenager to attend college. He has been on several medical missions to the Middle East to work with the Syrian refugees. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon where he is an active member of the Syrian American Medical Society.

Justice Forum Panelist

Harsha Walia

Harsha is formally trained in the law and author of the book Undoing Border Imperialism. She has been involved in migrant justice issues for fifteen years, including as a co-founder of No One Is Illegal. She has presented to the United Nations on issues of refugee policy and arbitrary detention, and recently co-authored Never Home: Legislating Discrimination in Canadian Immigration, described by the Toronto Star as a "comprehensive and innovative multimedia project." Harsha won the Canadian Center of Policy Alternative's Power of Youth Award, was named as one of the ten most popular left wing journalists by the Georgia Straight and one of the most influential South Asians in BC  by the Vancouver Sun.