Creature Comforts: Shorts Program

Creature Comforts: Shorts Program

Various | 
Various |
 2016-2017 | 
61 minutes

Whether it’s celebrating people who have fish-related surnames, decorating dioramas for land snails, gluing broken turtle shells back together, or forging deep connections with chimpanzees, these short films demonstrate that humans are at their finest when inspired by other living creatures.

Fish Story
Charlie Lyne | UK | 2017 | 13 mins
The grand opening of a marina in Anglesey, UK, is the backdrop for an unlikely mystery involving a group of elderly Brits, a famous weatherman, and a bunch of fish. -SC

Life at a Snail’s Pace
Alexandra Gaulupeau | UK | 2017 | 23 mins
Marla Coppolino is a biologist, artist and self-described spokesperson for land snails. Through the creation of elaborate miniature scenes and cello scores, Coppolino displays a mighty appreciation for the tiny, slimy (and surprisingly sexy) creatures! -SC

Fix and Release
Scott Dobson | Canada | 2017 | 17 mins
Duct tape, crazy glue, and a wealth of compassion are the tools of choice for veterinarians at the Turtle Conservation Centre in Peterborough, Ontario, who repair turtles involved in altercations with automobiles. -SC

Elisa Chee | Canada | 2016 | 8 mins
Vancouver-based filmmaker Elisa Chee uses masterful animation to recall the story of a domesticated chimpanzee called Lucy and a human named Janis Carter, the caretaker who made it her life’s work to rehabilitate Lucy and return her to her natural environment. -SC