City Voices: Shorts Program

City Voices: Shorts Program

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 6:30pm
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 3:15pm
Various | 
Canada |
 2015-2017 | 
56 minutes

A kaleidoscopic portrait of people and their city — from the West End to the Downtown Eastside.

You’re Already in the Band (You Just Don’t Know It Yet)
Sandra Ignagni | Canada | 2017 | 12 mins
The Carnival Band describe themselves as a roving band of tricksters, troublemakers, and rabble-rousers, with the occasional real musician thrown in the mix. -DW

Wayne Wapeemukwa | Canada | 2017 | 15 mins
Through the creation of fantasy versions of themselves, a diverse group of residents reinvent their lives. -DW

Through the Trenches
Marina Dodis | Canada | 2015 | 4 mins
Poet Henry Doyle narrates his life as a working artist and poet in the Downtown Eastside. -DW

Water on Sand
Nathalie Attallah | Canada | 2017 | 7 mins
A mother and son retrace their memories of the Lebanese Diaspora in Vancouver with water and sand. -DW

The Third Movement
Josephine Anderson  | Canada | 2017 | 11 mins
A transgender woman named Sara Davis Buechner teaches piano to different students in the heart of Vancouver’s West End, and remembers her own career as a concert pianist. -DW

This Place, Here
Mackenzie Reid Rostad | Canada | 2017 | 7 mins
All aboard the Skytrain for a surreal trip across the city! -DW