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Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - 9:00pm
Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 1:00pm


Aslaug Holm | 
Norway |
 2015 | 
102 minutes

When she began filming her two young sons with a handheld camcorder, Aslaug Holm knew she wasn’t interested in making just another home movie. Lukas and Markus have been the subject of a film-in-process from the day they entered the world, their mother lovingly — and at times obsessively — documenting their everyday existence, from first days of school to first crushes and everything in between. We watch the two boys as they grow and confront the challenges and triumphs that the world presents them, bolstered by their parents’ support and the closeness of their connection to each other.

More than a documentarian’s version of Boyhood (2014), Brothers is a finely wrought, delicate yet firm exploration of life and all of its complex pieces: family, friendship, parenthood, and love. It is also a moving meditation on childhood and the bittersweet process of growing up, captured through the eyes of a parent both nostalgic and also filled with hope and anticipation for her children’s future. Finally, it is a reflection on the small events that constitute a life, the process of memory collection as art, and preservation as an act of love. As Holm observes: “I used to travel the world capturing important events on film. Then I discovered that it was more interesting to film what was right before my eyes — that the small moments contain everything. And now I can see that the whole world lies within this tiny universe: a river, a school, a kiosk, a football field, a backyard — small spaces that contain an entire childhood.” -PP


Aslaug Holm

Aslaug Holm (b. 1965) has directed about ten documentary films, and photographed more than 40 others, many of which have become award-winning. She has worked on is the most successful documentary ever to be theatrically released in Norway, Cool & Crazy (2001), in which she worked as both cinematographer and editor. She also directed the film The Rich Country, which premiered in 2006, following Jens Stoltenberg in the time leading up to him being elected Prime Minister in September of 2005.