Shirley Vercruysse

Industry Panelist

Shirley Vercruysse is the Executive Producer of the National Film Board of Canada’s BC & Yukon Studio, based in Vancouver, BC, where she leads the team producing documentary and animation projects. The studio’s latest projects include the feature-length musical documentary The Road Forward (Marie Clements); the animated feature film Window Horses (Ann Marie Fleming), co-produced with Stickgirl Productions, and the animated shorts I AM HERE (Eoin Duffy) and The Mountain of SGaana (Christopher Auchter).

Projects currently in production include the medium-length documentary Beauty: Beyond Binary (Christina Willings) and the animated short Shop Class (Hart Snider).

Prior to joining the NFB in February 2014, Shirley was an independent film and television producer based in Calgary, Alberta. Her feature credits include waydowntown, A Problem with Fear, Comeback Season, Radiant City, Angels Crest, The Future Is Now!, and Fubar II.