Become a Film Ambassador!

Become a Film Ambassador!

We get it. You’re THAT person. 

Are folks always asking you what they should watch?

Do you have a passion for documentary cinema?

This year we’re trying something new. Help us champion some of our very favourite films at this year’s festival by becoming a #DOXA2017 film ambassador!

If you're interested in sharing a handful of posts on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) about the film you adopt, we'll give you two free tickets to that film! 

Wait - It's that easy?

Yes! Mostly — we do need you to apply first. Pick 5 films that you would like to champion, and fill in the application. From your list, we'll nominate one film for you to champion.

What happens next? 

Then you post! We're still in beta over here, but our design is inspired by other festivals who've pulled this off and we think our audiences will be into this too. 

We'd like you to make at least four distinct posts on social media (and screengrab them for us!)

  • Four means four separate days (at a minimum). Ideally, as soon as you get word about your film baby, post away! Then again the next day or a few days later, then perhaps the day before and/or day of the screening -- or if your film has two screenings, the day of or day before each. 
  • Distinct means we'd like you to write something different for each post, ideally suited to whichever medium you're posting in. Highlight the director, highlight the content, highlight something about the issue — you decide. You pick what works best for you. (So this means a "shared to Facebook" Instagram post only counts as a single post, as the copy would not be distinct and would be on the same day. We don't want to discourage you from doing this, just recognize that you'd have to change the language and day to make them count as distinct.)
  • Social media, for our purposes, means spreading your posts across at least two of the following; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. 
  • Screengrabs are what unlock your tickets! Once we get the four distinct screengrabs, we will put two tickets aside for you and your guest at will call of the film you have adopted. 

Why is DOXA doing this?

We watch hundreds of films every year to bring you the very best in independent documentary cinema. We’re a very small, but decidated team of staff, volunteers and committee members. We don’t have a huge budget for flashy marketing campaigns, so we’re calling on our fans and patrons to help us spread the word.


Apply NOW and, upon acceptance (once we select the film from your picks), we want you to post right through until your film's screening(s)!

If you have an questions or concerns, or for more information, email